Three the most promising careers of the 21st century: Bill Gates version

The famous entrepreneur told graduates what to do now and what today’s young people are much cooler than he is.

“I’m sure that you get a lot of advice from a wide variety of people – from the director giving a speech at the graduation ceremony and ending with each aunt and each uncle at the graduation party. And of course you will seek answers by your own, ask for advice, watch guides, read reviews and check the similar career-oriented sites and special resources.

I risk overdoing it, but I will also share a few thoughts with you.

New college graduates often ask me for career advice. And although in my time there were no thematic resources like federalresumeguide, I was lucky that I was a little over 20 years old when the digital revolution began, and Paul Allen and I had the opportunity to take part in it. This explains why I don’t have a college diploma – I quit studying because we were afraid that a revolution would happen without us. “

Here our editors allow themselves to make a small digression from Bill Gates’s story with the note “Never try to repeat this trick in real life – it can be dangerous.” Despite the great success of Gates and his enormous contribution to the development of society, one should not be inspired by his example literally. Education is a very important component of success and a key stage in the formation of personality. In addition, recruiters pay a lot of attention to the education column in your resume. You can use the best resume writing service offered here but if you do not have a diploma or you quit studying, no professional advice will help you close this gap in the employment process.

“If I started today and looked for the same opportunity to have a big impact on the world, I would consider three areas.

  1. One of them is artificial intelligence. We are just starting to use those opportunities to make the life of people more productive and creative that it opens up.
  2. The second is energy: working to make it clean, affordable, and reliable will be essential to alleviating poverty and climate change.
  3. Third, biological sciences that help people live longer and healthier lives.”

“But some things in life do not depend on what career you choose. I would like to understand this when I quit university. For example, intelligence is not as important as I thought, and it can have many different forms. At the dawn of Microsoft, I I believed that if you can write great code, you can manage people as well, manage a marketing team or perform any other task. I was mistaken in this. I had to learn to recognize and appreciate different talents of people. The sooner you can do it, if you have not done so already, the richer it will be your life.

career ladder

Another thing I would like to understand much earlier is what real inequality looks like. I didn’t come across it until I was almost 40 years old, when Melinda and I went to Africa for the first time. We were shocked by what we saw. Having returned, we began to learn more about this. We learned that millions of children die from diseases that no one even thinks about in rich countries. And in our opinion, this is the most unfair thing in the world. We realized that we could no longer wait – we had to start doing something immediately.

You know much more than I knew at your age. Technology allows you to see problems in a way that my friends and I were not destined to see, and this gives you the opportunity to help others in ways that we could not. You can start the fight against inequality earlier, no matter in your own community or in a country across the world.

Meanwhile, I urge you to surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you and make you be better. Melinda does this for me, and I do the same. As our good friend Warren Buffett, I measure my happiness by whether the people around me are happy and whether they love me, and how I change other people’s lives.

When you tell people that the world is getting better, they often look at you as naive or crazy. But it’s true. And once you understand this, you will begin to see the world differently. If you think the situation is improving, you need to know how you can accelerate progress and spread it to more people and places.

This does not mean that serious problems that we face must be ignored. You just understand that they can be solved, and are ready to act in accordance with this faith.

This is the essence of my worldview. It supports me in difficult times, and for this reason I still love my philanthropic work after more than 17 years. I think it can do the same for you.

Good luck to all of you. This is a wonderful time to live. I hope you take full advantage of it.

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