Iran ‘Well pleased’ to destroy one of America’s most sophisticated weapons

Iran’s armed forces are celebrating today as they have finally managed to shoot down an unmanned spy-drone after the plane briefly violated the country’s airspace on its eastern border near Jalalalabad.

Iran’s ‘Farts’ news agency reported that the drone had been brought down in a combined effort by their armed forces, blind luck and the electronic warfare unit which was sold to Iran by the US only last year.

“We really mean it this time, we finally got one. This is a great day for Iran now we can make Sci-fi movie and take over the world! We offer our thanks to the US for supplying us the hardware to make this possible”, said an unnamed lunatic waving a rifle in my face, possibly the interior minister.

A US official immediately stressed that Washington had no indication a drone had actually been shot down, as they were “really not even near there at the time, wherever it was and what’s a drone anyhow?”. However, Nato’s International Security Assistance Squad (NISE ASS), in Afghanistan admitted during a sexual liaison with me and my bell hop that, “The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to which the Iranians are referring was definitely the U.S. unarmed reconnaissance aircraft, that had been flying a mission upside down over western Afghanistan late last week”.

The NICE ASS scheduled pilot of the drone at the time, 12 –year-old Drey Schneider III, facebook update revealed. “It was whacked man, I was doing loops and spying real good when Kurt made me laugh and I spilt my Dr Pepper all over the keyboard. The screen went blank and we totally lost control, by the time we rebooted, it was too late, the console was fried. The man from the pentagon said it would cost maybe £65 million to replace, Duh! Like I care!”

A U.S. official added, ”If there was a drone which there wasn’t and the Iranians shot it down which they didn’t, then chances are that a flock of metallic geese has merely been struck by lightning.”

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